Honorable Death

by Honorable Death

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released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Honorable Death Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Blood Out
Why did I let myself go and let you take hold

This blood is on my hands,
the blood of my past
There's still more to endure,
so let the blood pour
But all I see is black with my path fading fast
Why did I let you in
To consume me from within

My life is an after taste of all the failures I have made

I'll play the fucking hand
There is no second chance
I will play the fucking part cause I was fucked from the very start
I'll bleed out my own fucking heart
Track Name: Life Drop
So let's be perfectly clear
You live like you have nothing to fear
But living like a piece of shit,
you don't deserve a gift like this
I'm so sick and tired of seeing you breathe,
always taking more than you need
The only sight in eyes is greed
More than once before I've watched you bite off the hand that feeds

I won't linger for this anger is a danger
I wrap my hands around your neck
I wish to choke the life within
I want to feel your life drop
I will make your fucking life drop
Track Name: Noose
Fucking snakes
Slithering through the grass
Disguising as my friends

Have my back and stab through it again
Hold a gun to my head and call me your friend
Call yourself the best as you lay a knife in my chest

Tell them all you're so great
You stole everything from my plate
Track Name: Miss Me
Why the fuck are we settled in this fucking phase
Too comfortable to even turn the next fucking page
Watching days turn the same, we're wasting away our fucking time
I need to find my way out 'fore I rot my mind

Can you hear all the noise
I feel my ears bleed
I hear it all day
I never get to sleep
The only way to fill this void is to rebuild and destroy

Ignorance is bliss so I stay pissed
You can just miss me with all the bullshit
Reminisce on every pain you ever knew and let the hate flow through you

Let the hate flow through you
Let it sink in your skin
Scorch your whole body and
Light the flames within